future-cube for business

The services offered by future-cube (for business) are designed for companies and include products and product packages for the selection and development of managers and employees. All purchases and implementations can be managed independently.

Advantages of future-cube (for business)

  • Fixed costs and easy price calculation (budgeting)
  • Online implementations - anytime and anywhere (internet browser)
  • Results immediately available
  • High comparability
  • Increasing independence from external consulting companies
  • Support in the selection of suitable products and product packages
  • Valuable support in competence and talent management
  • Company-specific toolbox
  • Resource-saving through fast, digital processes
  • Multilingual analyses and downloads

Open licence – annual subscription

An open license can be purchased either for individual analyses, defined packages or for the entire future-cube services. An open license contractually regulates the use of the selected products for an annual fee. Within the company, the selected products can be used indefinitely. Contact us to receive a customized offer info@future-cube.com.

Purchase by quantity

It is also possible to purchase a limited number of one or more analyses. This credit is available for 5 years from the date of purchase. If you have used up the credit, a new purchase can be made on the website or in our app.

Upgrade to Premium

If you have already purchased the Pro package, you can upgrade to Premium for only. Your modules and data from the Pro Package will still be visible in your account.

Upgrade Premium

Products and prices

my-future-cube answers all your questions about the application process and practices with you conveniently from home thanks to digitalized processes.

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