Corporate culture

After you have decided which profession you would like to pursue, you can start writing applications. This process is not only about finding a job that meets your expectations in terms of content, but also about finding a company that suits you personally. So-called “corporate culture” includes, for example, the hierarchical structure, feedback culture and the error and conflict management in a company. General statements about the corporate culture are often made on the website and sometimes even in job advertisements - but how they are actually lived can differ from theory.

It can therefore be helpful to talk to people who work in the company and find out more about the company’s actual culture. Then you can compare the answers with your ideas and expectations. We have listed some of the questions you should ask yourself here:

  • How are the hierarchies structured? What value is attached to this hierarchical structure?
  • How do people address one another?
  • Are employees involved in decision-making processes? Are the reasons for decisions communicated transparently?
  • How are conflicts dealt with?
  • How are mistakes handled?
  • What values are espoused within the team?
  • How is team spirit strengthened?
  • Does the team also meet outside of work?
  • Do you tend to work alone or together as a team?
  • How does the company treat its employees?
  • How is good performance valued? How is high commitment compensated?
  • How are salary increases or promotions handled?
  • How do you deal with customers? How are customer relations managed?
  • How do you deal with working from home or flexible working hours?
  • How family-friendly is the company? What support does the company offer?

Final remarks

Since corporate cultures can differ significantly even within one country, it is not surprising that cultures can vary greatly between different countries. You should always bear this in mind when applying for jobs at home and even more so when applying for jobs abroad.

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