Professional Orientation

Before applying for a job, you should first be clear on what you are actually looking for and what your goals are. Answering these two questions is not easy for many people and requires some self-reflection. To support you in this process, we have put together some questions that you should ask yourself. Take your time to answer them and write down the answers.


If you don't yet know what profession you want to pursue:

  • What characterises your personality?
  • What interpersonal skills do you have?
  • What are your interests?
  • What do you not like to do?
  • What are the values you want to live by?
  • What qualifications and skills do you have?
  • Which education or training did you enjoy the most? Why?
  • What makes you different from other people?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What strengths and weaknesses do others see in you?
  • What challenges must the job entail?
  • What would an ideal working week look like in your eyes? For example, how much time would you like to spend outdoors? How much in collaboration with other people? Would you rather work on the same project for a long time or be involved in different short-term projects?
  • What aspects of interpersonal cooperation are important to you?
  • Could you imagine moving abroad for your job?

If you already know what profession you want to pursue:

  • Why do you want to do this job? Are you pursuing your own interests or do you want to fulfil the expectations of others?
  • What training or further education would make sense for you?
  • What is a typical working week like in this job? (e.g. contact with people, shift work)
  • What does a typical career path look like? What are the possibilities for your future?
  • What impact does the job have on your personal life or your spare time?
  • What is the culture like in potential companies? Would you feel comfortable in this environment?
  • Would there be the possibility to work abroad if you wished?

Final remarks

Remember that your first job does not have to define the rest of your career. You should always reflect on whether your job fulfils your expectations and ideas and, if necessary, look for other opportunities.

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