Digital Identity

Especially if you are applying for a job in high demand, you should assume that the recruiters of a company will do their research on you. This involves not just professional platforms like LinkedIn or XING and others, but also personal social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Therefore, you should check what can be found out about you on the internet and clean up your social media accounts, before starting your professional career or applying for a new job.

You want to appear reliable, competent, and authentic on your professional platforms. Remember to keep your personal information up to date. Any listed job title and job information should be descriptive, and any mentioned competencies should be truthful. If you decide to upload a profile picture, choose a picture that is in line with the industry standard.


  • Recruiters increasingly use professional platforms like LinkedIn and XING to look for and reach out to potential candidates. But to be found, you need to invest time into establishing an interesting and convincing presence on said platforms.

Be mindful of the posts you share or like on your professional as well as on your personal platforms. Be especially careful with critical content. On professional platforms, the pages you follow should be professionally relevant and informative.

When you're looking for a job, just having a large network isn’t enough: You also need to maintain and make use of your contacts. For example, if you know someone who works in a company you are interested in, try to arrange an informal meeting with them to discuss potential job opportunities in the company or the company’s culture. If you are still in the orientation phase and don't know exactly which direction you want to take, such meetings can also help you gain an idea of the daily routine in certain profession. In any case, you should be upfront about your objectives for the meeting and prepare your questions well - after all, your counterpart has taken time out of their day to meet you.

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